Le Parking Eco Park est fermé pour une durée indéterminée




Located at 2 miles from Fromentine, Eco Park allows you to park your car for one day or more ( open 31 march 2017 to 10 september 2017 )
Our bus will get you to and from the port every 30 mins, (the bus will start 1h30mn before the departure of the boat.

Information and prices:

You need to arrive no later than 45 min before the departure of the boat , upon arrival we will give you a voucher for your car.
The price is 11,70 euros for parking less than 24 hours and 8,20 euros per day for a stay longer than 24 hours .Any parking exceeding 24 hours will be charged another day accordingly.
Payment is for the parking only and we are not liable for any loss, theft or damage to the vehicule

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